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Gold in Turkey

Hi, Having been a lurker (mostly) here for a long while, I was
wondering if I could get advice on how to tell real gold from plated
gold whilst traveling in Turkey and Greece (I’m going to Istanbul and
Greece in June).

Any and all advice/suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in
advance – QuikSil (Silvia)

Hello, I don’t think plated gold is sold as solid gold in Turkey. If
it is plated it will not be quality stamped. My office is very near
to the Grand Bazaar. You can find my address and tel. number in my
website. If any Orchid friends come to Turkey I’ll be happy to help.
Kind regards from Istanbul, Oya Borahan

Silvia get that portable gold tester the “Golden Touch”,it will fit
into your coat pocket and you don’t have to worry about any leaking
acid for it does not use it. Easy to use, very reliable and cheap,
should be selling for about $100 in US.