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Gold granulation on Argentium Sterling

Was: Argentium onlayed onto copper or bronze?

Just by chance, I did the fusing with flux that I use for 18K
granulation. I was first trying to see how easy it was to
granulate with 18K on the argentium - which by the way was

I agree. I find that the gold fuses really beautifully. Here is my
two cents about fusing gold granules onto Arentium Sterling: Gold
fuses to AS even more easily than AS to AS, but, if you overheat, the
gold can alloy into the silver, and become a yellow puddle in the AS.

I checked out your work, Ellen. Beautiful! I am looking forward to
seeing what you do with AS!

Cynthia Eid

Dear Lois,

Regarding your email below, there has been a lot of posts on
ganoksin which you may want to search. An article by Nancy Howland of
PSI Designs on Argentium Granulation was published in the Nov 06
issue of Art Jewelry Magazine. Nancy and I worked together to develop
the Argentium granules which we manufacture here. Nancy talks about
making them by hand, but you can also purchase them from Rio Grande.
Cynthia Eid and Ronda Coryell (two other well known names) have also
done quite a bit of work with Argentium granulation.

Best wishes,