Gold Filled

Hi all! I am trying to develop a less expensive line utilizing
cabs and varied textures and colors of metal. One idea was to
use gold filled bezel and wire in conjunction with silver. The
problem is, I have never used gold filled before. Are there any
special measures that I need to take when soldering to protect
the finish? Can I pickle as I would silver? Has anyone used gold
filled and sterling together before? How did it work out? Thanks
in advance for any advice.

Shari VanderWerf

Dear Sheri, I use Goldfill and Sterling together everyday. I
would suggest that you use a fire sclae retardant on the
goldfill. The secret to soldering goldfill is to use 14K gold
solder, I suggest you use EZ flow, a low heat solder to prevent
the possiblity of accidentally alloying the goldfill. When
soldering to sterling, use the firescale and a low heat silver
solder. I have used medium silver solder with lots of firescale
retardant and have not alloyed the goldfill, but do not suggest
using hard solder. The goldfill bezel on sterling looks great, I
use it all the time and with the popularity of mixed metals
increasing (i.e. watchbands) they sell very well. GOOD LUCK!!
Suzanne in Florida