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Gold filled wire

   If they happen to perspire quite a bit or don't clean their
jewelry frequently, this also will speed up the deterioration of the

Thanks so much for the answers everyone ! Hi to you to, Pat !! LOL

The main reason I started using the Flitz was that it coats the wire
with a polish (I polish the wire well before I start, too and it
really helps) The polish seems to protect the jewelry from some of
what was mentioned above. I too, made something as a practice piece
out of the gold plate that I have and it tarnished within about a
month. Everyone LOVES it…LOL They think it’s copper and I’ve had
offers to buy it. Go figure… I won’t sell it tho. I just use it
as a demo piece on technique. Anyway, that was when I decided any
gold plate was completely out for me for all time. I would rather use
brass or copper as a “colored” metal. I do Sterling or Fine silver
too. By the way, the Flitz will coat these too and it makes them
stay in a non tarnished condition for quite a while even when wearing
in dishsoap and stuff. I’ve tried it with two rings. Thank you for
confirming the content of the GFill for me too. And now I know I’m
not misleading my customers !! Thanks again. So much to learn…
I WILL call Ross and talk to him. Thank you for that suggestion
also. Syl (@Midi73)