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Gold fabrication

I would like to begin fabricating my own gold wire, sheet, etc.
I work only in 18k and above. Since gold is at such a good price
right now, I would like to purchase what I need to cast ingots
to roll into sheet or pull into wire or tube. I am seeking
advice on the particular casting grain that will perform best
when worked in these ways. Please indicate the supplier of the
grain as well. Any advice on this entire process is greatly
appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Laura Hiserote
Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens look stunning against our refreshingly blue
Summer sky.

Laura: You should contact Precious Metals West/Fine Gold, 608 S.
Hill St. Suite #407 Los Angeles, CA 90014 1-800-999-7528. They
sell ANY type of gold alloy which, when combined with your 24k,
will give you whatever you desire. You control the quality and
color. You 'll also find it less costly to smelt your own metal
and it’s very easy. Give them a call and I know they will be
happy to offer you help in deciding which alloy you need as well
as it’s cost. Good luck;

Steve Klepinger