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Gold Dust details


Hello Mark Liccini,

I admire you and it was nice to see your query and your
alertness about India as a subject. That is why your address is
noted on special list in my diary .

The Gold Dust in question belonged to an African country and the
owner contacted me for the sale of the same in India. Actually,I
am registered as a Jewelry manufacturer from India in Chamber Of
Commerce of various countries.

So Liccini, the dust was not supposed to come into India
and was to be transferred to buyer’s country directly.
The deal is over now …

How was your much publicized trip to Brazil ?? Hope you still
remember my trade enquiry to find anyone who is interested to
develop Cottage ancillary units for bulk faceting of rough in
India. If you have the patience, I bet you could develop very
useful and cheaper resources for faceting in India.

Do you know we produce Gem Cutting & Faceting machines in India

Thank you very much Dr Aspler for your courtesy for forwarding
this mail to me. Hope you remember my article about the Magic
Stone of India ?? Please keep my name as your ready reference.


Sandeep Saxena

Global Trends
82 Darbhanga Castle
Allahabad 211 002, India

Telfax 91 532 600175 & 611709