Gold dental bridge

Dear Orchid members, thank you so much for this wonderful exchange
betweengreat artists.

I am a beginner in silversmithing and have been hooked for about two
years. No schools or classes are anywhere near me so I read, watch
videos, learn from my mistakes and look at all your beautiful art
while trying to figure out how you made the pieces. I have been
watching videos on fusing gold filings onto silver and would love to
try it. Of course, I don’t have the funds to buy gold but luckily I
have my old dental bridge tucked away. The bridge is at least 27
years old and was made in Germany. For all those years I kept it for
a rainy day but now, that I am addicted to this craft, I have the
itch to use the gold. I was thinking I could use a coarse file to
scrape off the gold and then fuse it onto my silver piece? I don’t
know what kind of gold it is and don’t want to waste precious metal
either by missing a fact. I also have a ring band, size 4, which
holds the stamp 333FS. I would appreciate your advice before making
another foolish mistake.

Thank you so much