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Gold color solution

I have a question for the group.

About a year ago, I had a goldsmith cast a piece for me in gold. I
bought a chain and found the piece and chain were different colors.
The goldsmith suggested dipping them in a solution to make them
both the same color. There were three different color solutions,
one for 18kt gold, one for green gold, and one for rose gold. I
chose the 18kt color. I would like to get the chain back to the
original yellow gold color. What has to be done to do this?
Unfortunetly, the goldsmith has since died and the family has
gotten out of the business. Thanks for any help.


You could have the piece “bombed” which would remove any surface
preparations and leave a layer of 24kt gold on the surface. This
is a dangerous procedure so I would be choosey about who I have do
it, not just any jeweler.


A plating house that applies such finishes, is usually able to
reverse the process to remove the plating. I have done it before,
but not on a chain. I’m not sure what the condition of the chain
will be when all is said and done, and I’m unsure what they might
charge for this sort of service. That’s about all I can tell you.
I’m sure someone else will have some ideas. Tim Goodwin

I take it you are not a jeweler. It sounds to me that he
electoplated the items. So you have 2 choices. The electroplated
material is very thin so you could simply wear the chain for a
couple of months and it will wear off, or take it to another
jeweler and have him buff it off. He will probably charge you a
few bucks since this is not a job most jewelers like to do. Not
because it is difficult just kind of a pain