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Gold coins

Could someone tell me, pithily, why 1 oz. gold coins are stamped

G. Marshall
Jeweler-in-training & Clockmaker-in-training

Could someone tell me, pithily, why 1 oz. gold coins are stamped

to keep you from actually spending it unless you’re really desperate
or drunk. The value means they’re legal tender, but the gov doesn’t
really want you to spend it, probably because cash registers and coin
op machines aren’t set up for it…

The one oz. american eagle has a legal value of fifty dollars,
backed by the authority of the United States congress. It’s face
value is simply a requirement of the treasury department. you can
make a purchase with them as they are a legal coin.

Richard, in clear, starry, Michigan. On a Messier run, and up to 25.

Hi, I have traded in gold coins and gold bullion for about 5 years
and I think that buying gold coins to melt down is an expensive way
to go. I would like to recommend that you by small gold bullion
bars. These bars come in many sizes such as 1 gram, 2.5 gram, 5
gram, 10 gram, 20 gram. There have a smaller markup then the coins.
You can purchase PAMP SUISSE GOLD BAR or FIRST BOSTON These gold bar
are packaged in its own mint holder with the origin of the gold
(Switzerland), the weight of the gold the fineness of the gold
(999.9 , 24kt), and serial number imprinted on the back. or can
purchase bars that are not prepackaged but the fine, refiner and
weight is printed right on the bar. (These are a little cheaper then
the packaged bars). There are a number of auctions on Yahoo for gold
bullion I would recommend you check out these sites for pricing as
auctions tend to be a little cheaper then your local dealer. If you
have any questions or comments e-mail me off list.

Best Regards,
Sri Lanka Gems USA

Dave has shown me the way to true enlightenment. Ask the questions!

Richard, what’s the phrase “On a Messier run, and up to 25” mean?

Al Heywood