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Gold and silver plating pen kit

Hi everyone,

Did anyone use those Gold and silver plating pen or brush kits? I
make brass jewellery and would like to offer my costumers the option
to have the items silver or gold plated. As I’m just starting my
business I can’t afford to send them to be done for some company yet
and was wondering about the plating quality and durability offered
by those affordable kits.

Any help?
Thanks a lot,


I have used the pen and the bath methods of electroplating. The best
advice I can offer you is to order a copy of “The Midas’ Guide to
Plating, Book”

It’s only $14.95 and it will help you decide which method and
equipment will best suit your needs.

If you are adding highlights in silver and gold a pen plating setup
alone may well suit your needs. If you intend to completely plate,
for example, a men’s ring, you may want to consider getting a larger
rectifier, larger beakers etc…

There are cyanide based solutions for plating with and there are
acid based solutions for plating so one will want to consider both
safety of the solutions as well as the durability of the plating once
it is finished.

My Three Cents…

Keith Hible