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Gold and silver granules

I am looking for a supplier of gold and silver granules. So far my
search has not turned up a source.


maybe someone should try Williams Gold Refinery, Fort Erie, Ontario,
Canada 22 Cartwright Avenue. they make the ‘best’ granules and solders
around. Thy even supply a ‘flow’ chart for each type of solder being
used and what the temps. should be…you’d be very happy with their
results…:>) gerry, the cyber-setter/teacher…

Hi Tom:

Saw your posting on Orchid. The only supplier I know of is SPM in
New York. They have a website at

I took a class in granulation a year and a half ago and was searching
for granules as well. I was shocked at SPM’s prices and policies
(minimum $500 order). So, I developed a new supplier for granules and
bought 100 ounces of fine silver and 22k gold to get reasonable costs.
My costs for silver were about 60% less than SPM, and for gold about
20% less. I sold them to fellow jewelry makers at cost.

All the gold is gone, but I do have some fine silver granules left in
two sizes - .024" and .028". If there is considerable interest among
the folks at Orchid, I will do this again. Please email me and tell
me what you would be interested in. I’ll let you know if there’s
enough interest.


I am looking for a supplier of gold and silver granules. So far my
search has not turned up a source.


A source for granules was posted previously on Orchid. Here it is:


Two resources you could try are United Precious Metals, and Hoover & Strong, There are a host of others.

This is an old source [1988] but it doesn’t hurt to give them a try.
They guarantee the balls to be perfect and they certainly were that.
They were also quite expensive but “time is money” whether it is
your’s or your supplier’s. The balls came in 3 sizes .016", .024" and
.032" and in fine silver or 22K. At that time the fabrication charge
for 1/4 oz was $125.00, 1/2 oz-$175 and 1 oz-$300. Of course 1/4 oz of
.024" balls would give you 6250 of them in silver or 3650 of them in
gold. If purchasing silver the fabrication price included the cost of
the metal. If purchasing gold, the daily price of gold would be added.

SPM, 431 Fayette Ave., PO Box 771, Mamaroneck, New York, 10543,

Since the source is old I would bet chances are good that the area
code has changed.

There is much in the Archives. Use granulation as your
search word.

Orchid Rules!..Karla in So Cal.

Randall, I tried all listings in the JCK directory under gold metals
including united /hoover/DHF/ and about 20 others with no luck…The
suppliers for granules are very hard to find. Most have suggested Thanks for your reply.