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Going to SNAG? Need a roomate?


Well, I got enough time and money clear to make it to the SNAG
conference. But for obvious reasons I’m not eager to part with 200 a
night for the hotel. Anyone need a roomate? Perhaps several? The
more the merrier. I don’t yet have a room reservation, so it’s also
possible to consider one of the other hotels nearby (several blocks,
but the walk will be good for me) that are considerably less money.
Also less fancy, but what the heck. Any takers? I’d prefer
non-smokers, at least in the room, but other than that, I’m not
fussy. Just need a half a bed (I’m getting too old, I think, at
this point, to want to crash on the floor anymore) , and a place to

Peter Rowe


Hey Peter, I don’t know where the SNAG conference is being held,
but there seem to be PLENTY of hotel rooms available in SF this year,
since everyone’s too paranoid to travel. I’m staying at the Cornell
Hotel de France (Union Square area) while teaching at Revere. Looks
like a beautiful, small hotel with rooms under $100.00/nite. I haven’t stayed there yet, but I’ll let
you know next week how it is. I’m sure there are many other small
hotels in SF with great rates.

Doug Zaruba


Hi Doug, My favorite place in SF is the Red Vic Inn, in Haight
Ashbury. It is owned by Susie Sunchild, she is an artist, and every
room is decorated different. It is usually about $85 a night, or was
the last time I went there.

Here is a link I just found. Its now about $110 but worth every
penny for the experience. She bought an old Victorian Hotel, and
converted it to an artwork, a 2o room artwork. A great place for
an artist to stay and visit.

Love and God Bless