Goddard's cloths now made in China

Hi all. The new batch of Goddard’s cloths I ordered had “Made in
China” on the box. I looked at the last of my old ones and saw
:“Made in USA”. I know the race to the bottom often ends in China,
but I’m not happy about it. There are other anti-tarnish polishing
cloths available. Next time I need some, I’ll see if I can find “Made
in USA”. I wonder if I’ll be able to?


I bought a HAGERTY silver duster this summer while in Saigon at a
jewelry supply shop and I really questioned the authenticity’s of
the cloth due to the box. It did not say ‘made in china’ though but
said it was ‘made in germany’, which no one would believe if they
looked at the box. It doesn’t fit together well and printing is
slightly off. I live in Bangladesh, one of the counterfeit capitals
of the world. And the best way to check is look at the labels,
spelling, print evenness and container. All of these give it away.
This box is certainly not produced in quality conscious Germany so
another brand hits the dust. I also would appreciate finding a brand
made in the U.S. or Europe.

Sharron in humid, monsoony Dhaka, Bangladesh

And while your looking, take some time to go through your house and
tell me how many product you have bought that are made in China? In
fact I [] most days with paper made in China and I find the quality
of the paper great, I was in China 1 year ago and was very supprised
with the increase with there quality in a lot of there products
compared to say 15 years ago, In the past 5 - 10 years the quality
Jewellery coming out of China / Thailand / Taiwan has been better
year by year and many foreign companies have been having products
made in China and branding them made in italy or usaor where ever for
so many years with out the consumer knowing.

Anthony Galea