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GoDaddy, craftybase, jewelery manger pro?

I’m looking to move to a more streamline accounting, inventory, pricing, CMS & reporting. Anyone have any experience with these software products?

I use Jewelry Design Manager Premier version. I find it very helpful. It is not an accounting software, but it will track all your inventory, components of sale, sales, create invoices/receipts, and lots more. It is published by Bejeweled software. I find Barb extremely quick to get back when I have a problem and very helpful.

I second that! I use a combination of QuickBooks and JDM as neither one does everything I need it to. But for inventory and custom projects it’s JDM all the way.

I use GoDaddy book keeping (signed up back when they were still Outright) and I am happy with them for accounting. It’s cheaper than Quickbooks, which I think is also a little overkill for what I need in my business. If I purchase things with my business card or Paypal, it’s all automatically categorized, and I manually enter cash transactions every couple of weeks. It also links to my website, Etsy, and Paypal to manage all my income.

It doesn’t help with inventory management or pricing though, so you’d need a different program to handle that.


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You might consider Accountedge. It has a pretty impressive inventory program, reporting and you can even set up an online store if you choose. The offer in program credit card processing as well. It works for both Mac and PC.

Hi Rachel,

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Thank you all for your feedback. It is very useful.