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Gluing Signity presets

was “Doublet delaminating”

Wayne and all -

Your post about heat or UV curing epoxy got me thinking - I am
investigating using Signity’s presets for a certain application and
found they have 2 types - hollow and solid, the former for thinner
metal applications. I am tempted by the hollow ones, as the items I
want to use them in are thin, but it seem the hollows must be
soldered in and the natural stones will not take the heat, which
limits the choice of stones to diamonds or synthetics, and I’d wanted
color. They can be glued in, whence my interest in your posting.

Have you used these UV curing epoxies on a metal to metal bond? Any
idea what would work in this application?

Also - the Norland Optical epoxy says it has a shelf life of 2
months - any experience with that? They are expensive, so I’d hate to
lose a bottle thru inattention.

thanks -


I keep mine in the fridge, inside a box (no light). Four months and
going strong, but who knows? Stone to metal works fine, I would
think metal to metal would work. Needs to be super clean…

Wayne Emery
The Gemcutter