Glue for a Elk Horn but belt loop

I have just milled lot a shadow box on a elk horn but for a half elk
gold belt buckle. My Question is? What is the best material to use
to fasten the belt loop and belt hook to the back side of the elk
but. I have never tried to do this type of fastening with silver to
horn. Yours Billy S. Bates

Billy, You can attach the belt hook by drilling a hole which will
make a tight fit with the wire you are using for the hook, fill
with epoxy and set. There are many ways to use the same principle to
attach the belt loop.For example,if your loop is hinged to a plate
drill the plate in two or three places , drill corresponding holes
in the antler, make rivets by flattening the ends of short pieces
of wire and fasten it on with the rivets. Jerry in Kodiak

bill, don’t really know the total situation, but it is always
better to drill a nice tight hole into the horn, and stick a
rod(attached to the silver) in with all possible surfaces, glued,
and you’re always better off having a little plate with a rod(more
glued surface) rather than the rod itself, but i really don’t know
what it looks like, best to make the rod from twisted wire, or very
roughed up, 1st choice 12 hr epoxy,2nd 1hr,3rd 5min.

I’ve never done Elk horn buckles,but I think the strongest method
would be to make a plate of nickel or copper and solder the post/loop
to that.The best way would be to bezel set the horn to the plate,but
I think if your design doesn’t allow for that you could glue the horn
to the plate and it would be stronger than trying to glue the posts
only.If the horn is thick enough you may want to solder some posts
onto the front of the plate and drill corresponding holes into the
back of the horn and glue together.

Billy, I dropped the ball on getting this to you promptly. I have a
wonderful antler carving of a wolf head done by the famous Iroquois
carver named Hill and he made a great point of saying that if I
wanted to change the brass plate for any reason, to be sure and use a
good brass wood screw - what he uses to attach the plates for belt
fittings. Hope that helps. Don’t use glue !