Glue end cap onto floating opal

What to glue end cap onto floating opal pendant with?

I was recently asked to repair an antique floating opal pendant (see
link to photo below) whose end cap has long gone missing. Some sort
of residual epoxy or cement was left around the glass bulb which had
filled the previous cap and which was brittle and easily removed. It
will not be a problem for me to make a new sterling end cap, but my
question is what product should I use to glue it to the globe with?
Jeweler’s cement? Epoxy?

Here’s a photo of a similar pendant:

Ellen Weiss

The best epoxy I have found is Stuller Devcon epoxy 330 item
No .26-6010. Once cured virtually impossible to come apart and dries
very clear. We use it all the time for cold welding and have never
been disappointed.

Thanks Michael. I purchased the Devcon epoxy you mentioned and am
very pleased with the results. It was a quick, hard bond and it dried
totally clear so it didn’t detract from the aesthetic of the delicate
glass piece. I appreciate your advice!!