Glue and epoxies

I have used Epoxy 330 for some years, and while it is clear for about
10 years, after that it turns yellow if exposed to view. Since my
residence a Leisure World for a year, they swear by Devcon 5 Minite
Epoxy, and claim it stays clear for at least 10 to 15 years, we use
it in INTARSIA WORK, where we are cementing stones to make images. It
would ble quite noticible when cementing light colored stones
together. Another side note on 5 minuite epoxies, they are not water
proof, I use them to cement stones to wooden blocks for sawing, and to
release the stones I throw the stone and wood into soapy water for one
to two days, and you can usually pry it off, without too much trouble.
Check out my website at < - artsights Resources and Information. design> for my
boxes, The stones are cemented into the frames with Epoxy 330, as the
frames are made of 20 ga. silver and you cannot bezel them. John