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Glove for polishing

Hi Dave and everyone

 The gloves to help keep hands clean, but my primary  motivation
was to be able to hold the pieces as they grew hot from  friction. 

I have found that jewellery with stones, e.g… opal, malachite,
turquoise, etc., that if the piece is too hot to hold then it is
close to too hot for the stone. I prefer to not use gloves unless it
is a metal only piece where the heat of polishing doesn’t matter.

Case in point: I was polishing a beautiful ring I had made with a
nice dark, juicy amethyst in it using one of those ring holding
jigs. I didn’t prefinish as well as usual and thought a little extra
time with tripoli fit well with my lazy feeling that day. Low and
behold the amethyst cracked and I burnt my fingers on the ring when
I attempted to remove it. Luckily it was not a customers stone as
the ring was for stock. What a waste of a good stone.

Karen Seidel-Bahr the ‘ROCKLADY’ @Rocklady K.I.S.
Creations May your gems always “Sparkle”