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Glass with metals

Hi all!

I have been lurking here for quite some time now and I must
thank everyone for all that I have learned from reading the
hundreds of emails that go through here each week. I have taken
three quarters of jewelry and metalsmithing from Keith Lewis here
in Ellensburg WA, and am working towards doing some independent
study. I am hoping that I can dive into experimenting with glass
forms along with my metalsmithing. I have done a little research
and checked out Glass by John Burton. It has a lot of
techniques that involve blowing glass tubes heated with a torch.
I was wondering if there are any good references out there on
this kind of work (ex. what kind of torch or furnace, glass,
coloring agents, and other tools, they used). Also, does anyone
know of a good place to buy pyrex? There may be a Glassblowing
email group out there but I haven’t stumbled upon it yet. Any
info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you kindly,
Jeff Cleveland