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Glass sources

Hi, all-
I am writing to answer my own question! The folks at the Delphi
glass site no longer sell dichroic, but they sent me to a GREAT
list of sites, where I found a lot of interesting new sources-
try glass
working- sources
some of the companies I found:

Allen Graef Dicro glass
3823 E. Anaheim St.
Long Beach CA 90804 catalog and samples, $3, min. purch. $100 :frowning:

Art Glass House
3445 N. Highway 1
Cocoa, FL 32926
1-800-525-8009 you name it in glass, they seem to sell it

Austin ThinFilms
800 Paloma Dr
Suite 100
Round Rock, TX 78664 1-512-246-1122
…has a 32 piece color sample dicro set…

also, regarding our conversation about protective eyewear, check
out AuraLens products, they sell glasses to protect your eyes
from harmful rays generated by burning torches… Anne