Glass on Metal Magazine Announces Partnership with Ganoksin

Glass on Metal Magazine Announces Partnership with The Ganoksin

Glass on Metal, a magazine dedicated to the promotion of the art of
enamel, has partnered with The Ganoksin Project
( ) to offer archived and current articles
about enameling technique to be published regularly on the Ganoksin
Project website ( ).

The Ganoksin project is the largest virtual single source
for searchable archived content for jewelry and metals in the world.
Its 5000 Orchid members foster sharing, support community, enhance
productivity and

encourage studio safety, by promoting education in the jewelry and
metal arts globally.

Jewelers and metalsmiths worldwide, many of whom have been looking
for ways to add additional color and depth to their work, will
benefit from the 22+ years of Glass on Metal has provided
the enameling community. The partnership will provide these artisans
access to that has, in the past, been somewhat difficult
to acquire. The

enameling provided on the Ganoksin site will contain
articles from past and current issues of Glass on Metal, written by
knowledgeable experts in the field. Many national and
internationally renown enamel artists have contributed to this
publication, making it one of the foremost authorities on the subject
of enamel. The Glass on Metal web ( ) site
has also uses enameling focused content from using
pre-defined queries to Ganoksin’s search engine.

“Enameling has been experiencing a re-emergence of interest in the
past several years, with many metal and jewelry artists finding new
applications for the material,” said Thomas Frechette, Glass on Metal
editor. “This joint venture with The Ganoksin Project will generate
even greater interest in fusing glass to metal, and will provide a
solid knowledge base to those desiring to explore the medium. It
will be a pleasure to work with Dr. Aspler on providing the jewelry
and metals community on this ancient form of

Dr. Aspler (Hanuman) of Ganoksin said: “Enameling has a rich
historical tradition and has been part of every culture’s art. By
taking advantage of Ganoksin’s vast archival index, now anyone can
locate and learn about the unique properties of enamel. We offer
these articles from Glass on Metal free to the public, in the spirit
of our mission to unite the knowledge, artistry and talent of the
world’s jewelers.”