Glass Blocks in Miniature

Hello all - Usually, I’m just an avid reader of all the great tips
and tricks Orchid members have to offer, but I haven’t seen this
question addressed. I want some glass blocks in miniature. I have
called the few local companies that sell glass block, but they don’t
make anything but the standard 8"x8" or 6"x6". I want little 2" x
2", 3" x 3" glass blocks. Now, I know they’re hollow on the inside
and I considered cutting them and trying to piece them together.
However, I laid down until that feeling went away. I want to use
them for decorative accents at my jewelry shows. I saw them once at
a jewelry show, but the vendor wouldn’t tell me where she got them.
I don’t want to be a “copy cat”, but it was a really great idea.
So, if any of you great creative minds have any sources or ideas, I
would love to hear them. Thank you so much. Kimberlee

Hello Kimberlee,

I have a couple glass cubes with candles in them. They were one US$
for the pair and their dimensions are 2"x2". Seems like I found
them in one of those dollar stores. If those would work, you might
check in the candle sections of discount stores.

Just a thought. Could the blocks you saw before have been made from
plexiglass or other plastic? That might be an alternative unless
this diverse and wonderful group comes up with a source for the
small glass blocks for you.

Judy in Kansas

Hi Kimberle, Check your area for glass bead makers. One of them may
be able to help. Think about it, mini glass blocks in color! Dave

Don’t know about miniature glass blocks, but I have seen them made
of plexiglass—looked just like glass. Their advantage would be
that they are lightweight, and if you did decide to cut them you
could. Try some of the places that sell plastic in your area,
perhaps they can help you. Sorry the vendor who had them at the
show would not share andy with you. Alma

Have you considered talking to a stained glass artist? Glass boxes
aren’t that hard to solder up, and it would give you the option of
interesting colors and glass textures. You would have the soldered
seams on the edges, but if done cleanly they oughtn’t detract much
from the look.


Kimberlee, Have you considered going to a top quality Tile Store? We
have Arizona Tile out here. Check out the variety of tiles ceramic or
porcelain and perhaps create your own blocks. I was amazed at the
variety and personally created a whole new kitchen look by using
large Italian Porcelain Tiles for counter tops and back areas. Next
the fireplace will have the same. I had to fight to get this done.

Look at some of the decorative pieces, I can see them accenting