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Gift of sharing

Open letter to all on Orchid !

Had a request to send my CD and video of Graver Sharpening and lots
of literature to Alvaro Diaz Codoceo in Santiago, Chile many weeks
(May 12 ) ago. Now that he sent me his American address, this will
be sent out tomorrow after our “Canada Day” holiday ! I was nearly
in tears reading his initial posting, my school students were
humbled and awed in his request for just the basic of

Its gonna be a “gift” to someone who has no way of being helped in
his country…the costs of shipping and handling will be borne by
"yours truly". This fellow is a chemical engineer with very limited
access to jewellery training and if there are any, the costs are so
prohibitive its totally out of his range…this is a real “Mitzvah”
( good deed ) to help someone like him.

So when you folks go to your school of learning, or go to one of the
tool shops think how wonderful it is to acquire so much
so freely. In some countries many folks are scrounging for snippets
of it is only here " We " give out so much, without
hesitation. We are blessed being in a “free society”.

Our “postings” are not only read in the Continental USA… but
everywhere ! I am just doing my best to help anyone I can, if you
read the “Bench” magazine, I am there also, is free. If
you wander over to my website, more for Orchid readers
is always available “24-7”.

Thank you all for what you are doing, and many thanks " Hanuman "
“Gerry, the Cyber-Setter !”…“

Hi, Gerry–

I’d like to mention one concern about your wonderful gift of help to
the fellow in Chile. A friend of mine who lives in Argentina has
told me that there, there is no point in mail ordering things, or
asking friends to ship her anything, because the contents of the
package will be stolen as soon as it gets to Argentina. She puts
together her wish list, and when her husband or a friend has
occasion to travel to/from the US, she has them bring her what she

I don’t know whether the situation is at all the same in Chile, but
I just wanted to mention it, in case anyone you know or on Orchid
might be able to hand-carry the package for you.

Good luck!


Hello to all!

First i want to thanks Gerald for the concern on helping people
arround the world as we say here all good action are repay in this
life or are point you earn for heaven. So Gerald recive my gratitude.

Second It is commond to the people in developed countries to think
of the “third world” as the same thing, as any country other than
EEUU, or Europe. Well i glad and proud to tell you that here in chile
it is little probable that it happens (mail gatting stolen). I had
have the luck to travel arround a little and can tell you that Chile
is really different to our neighbours but usally people tend to
qualify us in the same group. Once said this i also would thanks Noel
for the soldering tec that he share here.

As for here is really hard to find i have search almost
all major bookstore in Santiago and only have found no more than 4
book that are raleted with jewelery making and those are expencive
here (at leat for me) so i agree really much with Gerald in that

Well just tahnks again to all that make this posible and i will keep
learning from you guys all i can and if i can be of any help just
ask me.


PS: please excuse my gramar and spelling
Alvaro Diaz Codoceo
Santiago, Chile

Thank you, Alvaro, I am glad to hear from someone who knows that
Chile does not have the problem with receiving packages that I have
been told is the case in Argentina.

And, by the way, I’m “she”, not “he”, though you can’t tell from my
name. Good luck!


Alvaro - not only will we excuse your grammar and spelling, we will
applaud your ability to do both so well in a language that is not
your native one! I certainly do not have the ability to write that
well in any language other than English - though I sure wish I did!
I am making sure my daughter will truly be multi-lingual, a thing I
have always regretted not being.

You are also quite right that all “third world” countries are not
alike - even those in adjoining parts of the world. Thanks for the

Beth from SC