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GIA learn at home /on campus(gemmology course)

Students of the gemmology course(GIA),tell me everything about
the course. What can i expect. Is it great or…?

Rene de Winter

Students of the gemmology course(GIA),tell me everything about
the course. What can i expect. Is it great or…?

I can’t speak for the entire course. I’ve just completed the
first section of the home study colored stones course this last
week. I must say I have found it quit fascinating. I am taking
the series of courses for a lark. The first portion of the course
is a broad overview of the entire jewelry profession, they packed
quit a bit of into 39 lessons. The second portion
covers identification and the final third deals with grading.

I am planning on going into faceting in the next few months and I
know that the in the second and third courses will come
in handy.

The instructor I have has been very helpful - I haven’t been able
to stump her yet. It’s not cheap. Between the actual course cost,
equipment and out of town classes I am going to have a pretty
decent sized investment in this training after I get done with this
set I’ll probably end up doing their diamond course as well.

I guess it all depends on what you want to get out of it whether
the course is useful or not.

If you have any specific questions I would be happy and try to
answer them.



richard - how much do these courses cost? is the home training as
effective? by that, i mean do businesses take you seriously once
they learn you were “self-taught?” I’m very interested in doing
something like this - I’m beginning my first quarter in Jewelry
design and Metalsmithing at the University of Oregon… do you
think i would be wasting time and money by doing both?

Hello Rene

I’m 2/5th the way though the course for GG and I really enjoy it
so far. The first course which is Diamonds is rather simple, I
finished in less then a month with a 100%. Since they have a refund
policy I suspect they make the first course easy although I did
learn a plenty. Diamond grading so far is more difficult and the
real key to it is look at as many Diamonds as you can. If your
wealthy or work in a jewelry store not a problem but the funny
thing is people don’t like to lend diamonds. I highly recommend a
book called The Dealer’s Book of Gems and Diamonds its a great supp
to the courses while, during or after your completion. If you have
any more questions email me direct.



Took the GIA Gemologist Course about five years ago. Very well
presented and most of what you need to know. Was always the
highlight of my week when I went to pick up the pakage with the
next lesson. Then you have all that reference material when you
are done.

You could learn all you needed to know from a few good books
without GIA if you have an independent, science minded approach. I
took a BS in research chemistry and only needed a year to get thru
the whole thing. If science is not your thing, you may need the
organization and explaining that GIA provides. It is expensive
when you total it all up. Sending the diamonds back and forth in
the mail was a little bit of a hassle. Don’t forget, you are going
to need all those instruments and they are expensive. If you do
decide to take the plunge, E-mail me and I will give you some
advice about getting the instruments cheaper. Don’t buy from GIA
unless it is just for the window dressing in your store.

Also, when I got to Gem ID, I took a workshop session in Atlanta.
If you have to send all those stones back and forth thru the mail
it will take forever. Check with GIA, they are very helpful, but as
I remember, there are at least ten shipments of stones, and it will
be a week each way with every one, so you have at least five months
right there. If time is not an issue, that would be alright.

You also have to realize that GIA has a party line, and you would
hear different regarding reflectivity meters, CZ masters (although
they have changed their tune on this, I’m told), and visual optics
elsewhere. Visual optics is very useful, you can ID many stones
without instruments or just with a few pocket ones, but GIA doesn’t
teach it as far as I know.

The gemologist credential may be of use to you if you are in the
retail business or are going to do appraisals.

Hope this helps,

Roy (Jess)

  Students of the gemology course(GIA),tell  me everything about
the course. What can i expect. Is it great or........?

I started the GG course at GIA 2 years ago, a complete green horn,
and am now about to finish, like all things in life you get out of
it what you put into it. The is there and the
presentation is logical and comprehensive. Most of the quiz’s are
easy, but if you are just trying to finish and not taking the time
to really study and do other research on your own you are not
taking advantage of the course.

GIA has helped to standardize the industry world wide and this
course is the best foundation you can get. If you are knowledge
about about the industry with an extensive background in gems and
jewelry this course may be too easy for you. But more and more I
think credentials are necessary at least if you have a GG your
clients know you have applied yourself. Also, when you finish you
will have an extensive library for future reference.

After you have finished your GG you can go on to other more
sophisticated education and courses but you first need the basics.
I have totally enjoyed taking the course I work full time and the
home study allows me to work at my own pace without pressure. I
must admit at times it is difficult to keep myself motivated. Like
many on this list I work alone and it is really easy to put off
until tomorrow.

If I can help in anyway please email me, good luck