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GIA gem(m)ology

Hello members,

I want to ask something to the students of GIA who are busy with
the course gem(m)olgy. I would be hapy if someone could be so kind to
scan few pages of the course gem(m)ology so I can get an idea. How many
and which page(s) is up to you.

I did ask this a year ago but nobody has applied. :frowning:

(Amsterdam,The Netherlands)
e mail: @Rene_de_Winter1

Dear Rene,

visit GIA’s website to learn more about their
course descriptions. Hope this info helps.


Rene, I have completed the GIA’s Graduate Gemologist program in
residence at their new headquarters in Carlsbad, CA. I found it to be
very professional and comprehensive , and I would be happy to answer
any questions you might have off-line.

Gary Strickland, GJG

Re: GIA…

For those who have taken the courses…what has been your
experiences, both positive and negative?

Have you found them helpful in terms of advancement for both
knowledge and profit, or do you think another source of info would
have been just as beneficial?

Thank you,

Tokens of

I am a GG and did the whole program by correspondence. They say you
can do it with a loupe and tweasers well forget that! Its well worth
doing and requires a lot of disciplin to do at home.

Greetings all.

I attended the GG course in residence at Carlsbad a few years ago.

The biggest asset there is their collection of You get to
view many more stones than would be possible on your own or by

Since I attended the course, their distance learning courses have
gone online, which is an excellant idea.

However, despite their large collection of stones, do not think that
you will leave with a totally comprehensive knowledge of gemstones.
Your real learning begins once you enter the trade. eg.- I found that
their course content about emeralds from Swat (Pakistan) and Panjsher
(Afghanistan) was almost non-existant, when I attended the course a
few years ago.

In a nutshell, GIA in residence GG program is an excellant
introduction to the field of Gemology, and I know of none better.


Saeed Motiwala, G.G.

I have always found the GIA courses to be helpful, informative and
profitable. I have never taken one of their Doorstep Classes that I
have not ended up selling enough stones or jewelry to other students
to pay for the class. A GG is still one of the most recognizable and
respected diplomas in the industry. While it may be possible to
obtain the from other sources their classes are fairly
focused and complete. Occasionally they are a little limited in their
scope regarding non traditional jewelers (i.e. people who make their
own stuff), but they seemed to have improved on this lately. We pay
in full for all our employees to take any and all of the courses from
the GIA that they want. Daniel R. Spirer, GG Spirer Somes Jewelers 1794
Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02140 @spirersomes