GIA diamond certifications

If I am not mistaken, GIA diamond certifications are the consensus
report of five graduate gemologists. If you were to send the same
diamond back a second time, there is small possibility that you might
get one grade change in color or clarity, but nothing obscenely
different. If you were to use a one-man lab or appraiser, you would be
trusting the judgment of a single individual versus a team of five. On
the one hand, an expert individual might give more consistent,
non-compromised reports. On the other hand, it would seem pretty
unlikely that a group of five gemologists would miss anything major.

Donna Shimazu

GIA doesn’t actually “certify” diamonds. There policy is that they
don’t certify anything or anybody. GIA Carlsbad 1-800-421-7250 As far
as graded by five graduate gemologists, there is one important
factor. They are gemologists trained by gem trade lab and are
currently working for gem trade lab. They are not just graduates of