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GIA Career Fair, Worth the trip



You have experienced a VERY unique training path. You have shown a
great deal of tenacity and flexibility, both very admirable. My
experience with the NY GIA Fair is as an employer. My wife and I took
a booth at the July event, along with maybe 150 or so other
employers. It was very interesting. We were hoping to find a
Gemologist to help with our appraisals and join our sales team. We
also hoped to find a jeweler that wanted to help with our custom
jewelry design team. Most of the booths were the large companies
that we all know: Sterlings, Zales, Saks, Tiffany etc. There were
some diamond dealers, equipment companies and colored stone dealers
as well. A few of us were independents looking for a variety of skill
sets. I bet we spoke to several hundred applicants. Being located in
Texas was a turn off to many. Most designer types wanted to stay in
NYC. But…a few Gemologists were terrific matches. We have
employed a Graduate Gemologist, from Ohio, that we met at the fair.
She starts next Tuesday. We would have NEVER been able to meet her
without the fair. We were not successful finding a jeweler-designer
but, without a doubt, it was a unique positive experience. Would I
recommend it? YES!!!

Liz, your background is very unique and the fair may prove to be a

Good luck
David Gardner
College Station, Texas