Getting to know solder


I wanted to let you know I’ve gone up from soldering copper, to
soldering fine silver, since one kind soul from the Ganoksin group had
sent me sufficient solders to train myself on.

I know it’s not sterling yet, but I was making a pin for Mother’s Day
for my wife. I actually had to learn about the different types of
solders to salvage the project.

I was fusing fine silver strips together in a triple-heart pattern:

  1. The outside edge of one of the hearts had detached itself from the
    heat. I had to cut a new piece of fine silver strip to bridge the gap.
    One end I soldered with hard, the other I soldered with medium.

And yes, I am using flux (Stay-Silv).

  1. I also had to mount a pin backing to the piece. I used easy solder
    all along the back of the piece. No threat to the other joints!

I think there are advantages with soldering first on pure copper. For
one thing, fire-scale doesn’t matter, you can sand it off easily.

I think soldering on fine silver is a good intermediate step to
learning how to use the different melting point solders with silver.

I’m actually so impressed with how easy that was, the fusing is going
to become less important to me going forward, even if I still do fine
silver, because I like how it shines. I’d save sterling for strength
and solder to the fine piece.

I’ll post the picture after my wife sees it.

I know that none of you will be impressed by my craftsmanship, but at
least there was some sentiment behind it.

Andrew Jonathan Fine

andrew, Im going to stick my neck out and say, on behalf of all us
here on ganoksin, we all wish your daily progress continues along your
chosen path.

I didnt keep a day by day diary of my work when I started in 1968,
but I did find the other day, my duplicate invoice book with my 1st
yrs sales.

Interesting reading, especially comparing it to my invoice book from
last year. some 45 yrs later.

So you will also find some time in the future, you will look back on
your early years the progress your making at this time.

How many years of practice does it take a pianist to learn that
skill to the point thy can interpret Chopin’s revoutionary study? or a
violin student to master one of Motzart’s violin conchertos? So is
the learning time frame with our work.

Its important to know what has been achieved before by others, its
give the beginner a goal at which to aim.

And dont ever forget!! if its been done before it can be done again.

When you have mastered the skills and techniques you will then move
on to interpret the medium in your chosen way…

As yet we dont know whether the passion in your heart is strong
enough to carry you through all the trials and struggles ahead of

In my case its still there as strong as it was all those yrs ago, I
still have to make something beautiful every day.

Yesterday, I came to the end of this weeks work, what I was
comissioned to do.

I then spent half of the day continuing the structural steel work
needed, to modify my tractor driven log splitter, upgrading it from
11 tons to 22 tons., im looking forward to using it knowing its
something I designed and made and then work with it the way I want.

I for one look forward to seeing the pin youve been working on.