Getting The Most Out of Tucson Gem Show

Hi Folks -

I have been looking forward to going to Tucson since I first heard
about it, some thirty plus years ago, and to say that I am excited
about going is quite an understatement. And now that I’ve been on the
Orchid list for a couple of years, I am additionally excited about
the opportunity to connect with so many of you. How I’m going to
sleep between now and when I get on the plane to go there on the
second, I have no idea!

I want to get the most out of it. I don’t want to return and THEN
hear about something I would have loved to know about.

I’m wondering what is the best way to make sure that we know before
we go to come to see your booth?

Are there any venues, meetings, classes, or events - outside of the
Orchid dinner, of course! - that you would recommend?

Any other “do not miss” info also welcome.


Dear Linda, to get the most out of Tucson:

  1. Get good walking shoes.

  2. Get a copy of the Tucson show guide (out now) and see what type
    of materials are being shown where and make a plan for which shows to
    see in which order( also who opens early, closes later) i.e.: if you
    make funkier more organic jewelry don’t start at AGTA which is known
    for higher end more refined goods.

  3. Register ahead of time so you don’t spend precious time filling
    out paper work.

  4. Make a list of things you particularly want/need ( if you can keep
    to that you have more self control than I do)

  5. eat breakfast. Carry water, a big, secure bag…maybe even a small
    wheeled one. Take business cards, copies of your resale license.

  6. Don’t waste time, don’t overlook the smaller shows…you never

  7. if renting a car, rent a little one; parking is miserable)

  8. figure out how you are going to prevent yourself from spending
    more than you have. Several methods: spend only cash( harder for
    record keeping, more dangerous and you’ll borrow from friends who are
    with you), limit the number of checks you bring with you ( once went
    through all of the 2 1/2 books I brought) ask someone bigger than you
    to stop you. It’s a tremendous opportunity to see things you’ve never
    seen before, to learn and to stimulate your creativity It’s a very
    seductive and easy way to dig a very deep financial hole. All those
    small purchases add up very fast. Really fun! I don’t let myself go

Have a great time!

Here is an article on attending trade shows which was fleshed out in
Tucson, here at the ganoksin project:

Don’t forget to come to the Orchid dinner on the 3rd! Hanuman will be
at the Ganoksin booth at Catalog in Motion, so will I.