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Getting paid by Sterling Jewelers?

Is anyone else having trouble getting paid by Sterling Jewelers ( in
my case Kay’s)?

Their account has been miniscule, always something that was a rush

But sense the new year getting paid has become spotty at best.

I still have an outstanding invoice from January 24th. It is only

Another on from February 28 is for $18.00.

But it is still gets to me that they are one of the largest
"jewelers" in the world & are unable to figure out how to pay their

Mark Chapman

Mark - I had an inquiry from them (Sterling) about some custom work
earlier this spring but I never got a deposit, which I require up
front from a new account. The person I spoke with was professional
and eager to get the piece started but just dropped off into outer
space and never called back. I also have a stack of those “small but
needed” overdue invoices from various accounts who will not pay. All
I can say is keep calling and sending statements until they respond.


Call the district manager for that store. just let him/ her know
that if you do not get paid then you will be forced to contact the
better business bureau for your state. this probably will have no

Tell them you would also have to call your newspaper for your
nearest city. Stories about large, rich and public companies that
s—w their vendors to make a couple extra bucks of profit end up on
the front page. I have found that they will get off of their butts
only if they think they might lose a few sales.

My two cents, Jerry.