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Getting Into Wholesale Shows

Often you need a tax license and a lease to enter wholesale shows.
When I only had a tax license but not a lease, I joined a number of
organizations which helped me to enter some wholesale shows. AGTA and
MJSA are good organizations. They also have lots of other benefits by
being a member. Within a year I also had a two leases for
consideration, but I had not yet signed either one, I took both
copies with me to the shows I wanted to go to and just told them the
truth that I was getting ready to open a gallery and had not decided
on which space to take and they could see I was serious and I had no
problem gaining entrance.

Personally I’m grateful that they are so strict in entering
wholesale shows. Depending whether you are a designer, wholesaler,
bench goldsmith or gallery owner, there are shows for you to attend
with very little problem.