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The argentium aspect isn’t relevant to my question but I thought I’d add it to the subject line anyway. I just started playing with argentium in the past couple of weeks and am really enjoying exploring new possibilities - learning new tricks always energizes me. I make a lot of simple textured wrap rings with stones, but this one is different because of the border, taking advantage of argentium’s fusing capabilities. There are some bugs in the ring to be worked out for the next one, for sure, but I’m happy with the experiment.

My question is about polishing out the inside of the little circles. What’s the best tool for that? Many thanks

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A soft shaped rubberized abrasive would work, but a Q-tip charged with rouge should also do the trick. You could polish it by hand, but you could also cut the stick of the Q-tip to about an inch and pop it into a flex shaft or Dremel.

Looking good :grin:

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There are many kinds of one-piece polishing points made of different materials. There are rubberized points, felt points that can take different polishing abrasives, and there are polishing rods of different grades that fit in a mandrel. Actually there are at least 3 different mandrel sizes for narrow to very narrow rods. Here’s one example:

Neil A

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All the other suggestions are great. You might also look at small pneumatic media blasters…Rob