Getting back into the jewelery business

Hi everyone, I have been considering getting back into the
jewelery business in some = form or another, and am looking for
advice, leads, or help. My location = is such that whatever I do,
it will have to be over a distance, through the internet and
mail. I have other sources of income, so this would not have to
be full time.These are the things I have thought of doing so

1. Selling one-of-a-kind or limited edition items over the internet.
2. Making jewelry items for other people to their specs.
3. Making metal models or patterns.
4. Design service.
5. Anything else you might suggest.

If any of you out there have experience with with any of these
things, or just want to get in your two cents worth, I can use
your help. If you have any leads for people I should contact, I
can use that, too. Thank You Steve Shelby