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Getting back in the loop


Hello friends

I have just dropped my 2 kids at preschool - the first time I have
been able to work for 5 years!!! So guys - what did I miss? Any
for getting back in the loop? Any huge changes in the metal arts
world I should know about?

I am setting up a studio in my basement kitchen. I already have a
swiss torch, foredom etc. I have the small scale photography set up
as described by my dear teacher Charles Lewton-Brain, but no digital
camera… I am also seriously considering starting to anodize
aluminum again - any thoughts on setting that up in my basement? I’ve
been rereading the LaPalntz book!

I’ve been reading this list every morning for the last week or so in
preparation for this - it’s nice to know I am not alone. Five years
is a long time!!!

Thanks for listening
Louise Perrone