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Getting back in gear

I’ve been unable to use my workshop because of extensive building
repairs for over a year. Do any of you have tips to cleaning up the
inch of dust ( and I thought polishing silver was dirty!!!) that has
collected over my work bench. I’m particularly looking for what I
need to do to fire up the oxy/acet little torch that’s sat unused for
way too long for me to feel safe just turning it on. Any suggestions
will be welcome. Lisa …finally looking at silver again:)

Lisa, good luck uncovering your studio. How about renting a big,
industrial strength workshop vacuum for a day and slurping up
everything that isn’t nailed down - including tanks and torch dust.
Put a respirator on your face first and go at it with a vengeance,
make war attitude, and it will seem positively therapeutic rather
than coolie labor. Mumble and mutter a lot too - that helps. Then
sing !!!


Hi Lisa,

The best way I can think of to get rid of the dust would be to use
the hose of a vacuum cleaner with some panty-hose stretched over the
end. that way you won’t such up any small things that are on the
bench and you can just clean bits off the panty-hose from time to
time. This is what I do when I drop tiny bits of watches on the

Best Wishes,

Ian W. Wright
Sheffield UK