Getting a parallel fit

I am trying to solder a wire multi-strand ring. My problem is
getting the ends of the wire strands flat and parallel so that I
can solder. Any suggestions, tricks, etc.



it really depends.i’m guessing you need to solder the strands in
a neat joint where sizing takes place. get the wires parrellel
first, solder together, leaving the ends ragged, after you solder
u can saw and file them flat for your intended joint. or you can
get the strands parrallel and superglue them, then saw and file,
then your intended solder joint

have fun,

geo fox

Marshall: there is a ring mandrell that has a groove cut down
the length of it for doing just what you want to. The wire ends
are hammered over into the groove more or less flat. Once the
wires are bent you could use sandpaper on a flat piece of glass
to sand the piece on until its perfectly flat…Dave
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