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Get Together for Hanuman in the SF Bay Area?


Greetings Orchidites in the SF Bay Area!

I’d like to set up a gathering for Hanuman here in the Bay Area so
that those of us who can’t go to Tucson this year can still meet
him. (He’ll be landing here on his flight to the US for the Tucson
Gem show.)

Hanuman has kindly said that he will be available to attend this
gathering on Monday evening, February 3.

The location is not finalized now, but it may be here in Oakland, or
in SF if a location can be arranged. Timing is also not set, but
sometime at or after 6PM I would think.

If you would like to attend, please send me an email, and let me
know your preference for location - i.e., Oakland or SF. Can’t
guarantee anything, but it will help us get a feel for what will be
most convenient.

I’d appreciate your response ASAP to help us in our planning.

Thank You -
Ivy Fasko - Oakland, CA