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Get me started kit

Hi Guys, This forum is amazingly helpful

Here’s a question

I have UKP 100- UKP 150 ish to spend at

I’m fairly new to this whole silversmithing game, but I am enjoying

Has anyone any suggestions on what I could buy. Standard stock? I
have basic kit, but is there any wee bits of “must haves” that you
guys recommend? Standard materials…

I know the best way is probably to order as the projects demand, but
i like to “play” with the material as I see it…any suggetions?

Thanks in advance

Hi Sammy,

I buy from Cookson’s every month and here is a list of the products
I like to keep in stock:

Round wire; 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 2mm, 3mm
Square wire; 2mm, 3mm
Sheet; 0.5mm, 1mm

I make everything from that combination. I also roll my own sheet
from melting solderless scrap - this gives me sheet of differing
thicknesses and in big enough pieces for projects that my stock
doesn’t cover. The square wire, I either use as is (which looks
beautiful twisted) or roll to a more rectangular profile for making
ring shanks or parts for pendants.

BTW, I just tried 950 palladium which you were asking about the
other day! It’s great and solders as easily as silver - as long as
you have a hot enough torch - and it requires no flux!

Happy holidays.