Gesswein / setting bur supply

Hi Elaine,

I have been waiting for months for high speed setting bur sets
from you and other suppliers, what is the hold up? Why is the
supply so limited?

Mark P. WI

My advice is to look to mold making suppliers… they buy the
stuff in bulk… and therefore drive the supply and demand of the
burrs, buffing and polishing supplies… Check out DME in
Sterling heights Mi… for some supplies… or a Dental supply
house Meer Dental I believe on Haggerty rd in either Canton, or
Plymouth Michigan again… just the two that I am familiar
with… but a websearch using a search engine like hotbot would
do the trick… just have to know and recognise what you are
looking for, often more than one use for a product…

Lots of Luck!
Robert Parsons

Dear Mark,

I was away on vacation last week when I first read your message.
But I’m back now and so was able to call our bur manufacturer
and find out the answer to your question. Now I can’t speak for
the other suppliers, but our manufacturer was having tremendous
problems getting the raw materials. He could have changed to a
different material to fill backorders but didn’t want to do this
for obvious reasons and opted to wait out the delay - which in
turn has delayed us getting burs out to our customers.

He tells me as of this morning that he is expecting to be able
to ship to us the beginning of next week. And as soon as we have
them, they will be out the same day to you and our other

I’m so sorry for the delay!

Best Regards,

Elaine Corwin
VP Tech Services