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Gesswein Ordering

In response to the bad ordering experience Janine had ordering from
Gesswein, I would urge her to consider allowing Gesswein to right
the situation. We have ordered from Gesswein for the past 15 years
or so and we have been very satisfied. We have found them to be most
helpful when we have called for product or orders. They
have a great technical support team. Unfortunately, no company will
handle every situation perfectly, and sometimes it is necessary to
bring the problem to the attention of a higher up. If a company
handles materials that I want to purchase, I hate to write them off
without giving them the chance to rectify the issue. I don’t like to
work too hard to order from any company, and sometimes when rudely
treated I will just go away instead of requesting to speak with the
superior on duty (which usually helps a lot if the company is truly
good with customer service), but I also know that it is best to keep
your options open, and to only give up on sources that are truly
uncooperative and difficult. In my experience, Gesswein tools are
often times a bit less expensive then Rio or Stuller, though we have
also ordered from these companies many times and been very
satisfied. While some of you had incredibly bad first time
experiences with Gesswein, I would like to add some positive
feedback for what has been a good company for us to work with. Best
of luck to us all in future orders!

Golden Touch Jewelry
Mason City, Iowa