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"Gerry's Diamond Setting Essays!"

Hi everyone!

During the past few weeks, I’ve been experiencing some ‘ongoing minor health’ problems. As these are now almost under control, I’m now going to continue with my “Editing & Writing”.

At this time, I have 10 essays in the early stages of capturing my bench-setting processes & collecting the new multitude (100’s) of photographs for these new topics! Just for your information, I might take on an average of 25-30 photographs just for each topic and delete a few if they are not good for sharing. BTW, I’m still preparing newer topics (daily) on Diamond Setting!

Hopefully, I will have a few of these essays to be submitted to my blog in this coming week…(?)


Good evening Gerry,

I hope you are feeling better and I look forward to your next essays. Thank you for sharing with us.

Kind regards

Orla Levy

Thanks for your letter, I need to hear from the “Orchid” group. It’s not too often that the folks write to me.
I’m still at my bench doing setting and taking photographs. As for my little health problems, I’m not out of the woods. I love to write and educate as many folks as I can.

BTW, is Medicinal Marijuana legal in Israel? It’s getting to be very popular here in Canada.:wink:

Keep in contact…Shalom!

Gerry, On my iPhone!

Dear Gerry,
Hope it’s nothing too serious, but I do wish you a speedy recovery!

Cheers from Yonge and Eg.



Wishing you the best, Gerry! I hope you make a speedy recovery. It’s nice to hear that you’re still hard at work on your essays. When I take photos for my blogs/articles, they take forever and I need to scrap lots of them, too. So I feel for you. :frowning:

Gerry, Get well fast we all need you.

Andy The Tool Guy Kroungold

Stulller Inc

Thank you for all the time you have donated to our learning and understanding. I hope it gives you a real sense on satisfaction and accomplishment. Good teachers are rare, much more rare than good artisans.

Take care of your health and well being. We know how important this is. Nurturing yourself is of benefit to all.



Shalom Gerry, refua shlema (spelling?), a speedy recovery, I have enjoyed your contributions very much, Hello from Denver