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I met a friend, she told me that her daughter is taking a jewellery-arts course north of Toronto, Canada. I then gave her my blog-address to have her daughter read this most interesting blog. “” Although she has started her course, she should read my blog as well. It has a litany of very useful setting topics with photographs.
How useful is this blog? A well known casting- house owner in this city asked me to teach their staff on “How to set stones in wax”. I started to explain the rudiments of this process, he said;

“Gerry, I read your blog and that’s why you’re sitting here. I haven’t seen anything like this blog on diamond-setting anywhere!”

This same fellow was perplexed why other jewellery-craftspeople don’t do this with their own

related skills?

I’m now starting to teach a young student gemstone setting. His “first homework assignment” is to read my blog on every setting topic that he is to learn.

As this blog is “FREE” to everyone, everywhere, at all times of the day. The 127 essays are made accessible to you, at my own expense! There is no yearly, or monthly fees to get to open an account!

You want videos? Then go to our Ganoksin library (Orchid) there are more video’s for you to view!

I only wished that I had the same opportunity 60 years to learn Diamond Setting. Enjoy these very interesting topics as I enjoyed writing them.

Sorry for my rambling, but yes, I do like to write!

“Gerry, on my iPhone and still at my bench!”