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Gerry Lewy's Essay

After long last, the Ganoksin/Orchid readers are now being shown what a Diamond Setter is exposed to in setting gemstones, on a daily basis. By no means is our profession an easy task, it is fraught with many challenges as we set extremely difficult & precious and of course gemstones at mind-boggling expenses. Imagine setting a Full-Bezel, Pear-Shaped Emerald worth in today’s market $15,000.00 and that’s just for the stone.

Using an Onglette graver to enhance the metal-cutting around a diamond that is in its early stages of being set. This ‘simple’ task took me only 5 long years to master. It’s my duty to pass on my learnings to YOU, everyone & everywhere!

I’ve been asked recently to fully explain the beginning of (grinding) shaping & polishing of a graver blade. This might be repetitive from my other essays, but it must be seen now as a part of your selection of ‘setting tools’.

I’d like to make this ‘blog’ similar a library where anyone can go and feel free to find a topic that is so much needed. The mighty word is “FREE”, as in no charge for any of these essay topics. I just want to make sure that the new generation (and those following) of jewellers, fully understand the ‘fun’ of Diamond Setting.

I still have 25+ essays still in the preliminary & early stages of editing. These will be completed in groups of five essays & I will make sure you get to read them when they are posted…Just have fun reading & learning!


@gerrylewy18, you are simply amazing… thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us (and future generations). Kudos! :slight_smile:

Hi Jose
Thanks for the Kudos, my question is just why hasn’t anyone else done this before??.;(
I saw one other setter charge so much for his feeble notes, it was almost pitiful for what was showing.
I’m right now editing a new essay on graver cutting. This starts with “pre-cutting” and ending up with “Bright-Cutting”. There will be photographs galore taken from my bench.
When these essays have been finished, then another post will announce these new essays.
No resting at my bench!!.:slight_smile:
Regards, eh!
I’m Gerry, On my iPhone!


Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge freely Gerry. You are one in a million.

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