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[Germany] Jewelry attractions

Judy, If you are going to Germany for a jewelry tour by all means
consider Pforzheim and Idar-Oberstein. In Pforzheim go to the tourist
downtown to get a map. You can visit two jewelry tool
distributors: J.Schmalz and Karl Fischer. Also, there is a jewelry
museum that you must see, and a goldsmith Alan Revere can tell you
more about the Goldschmiede (Goldsmith School School). Not too far
south of Pforzheim near Freiburg is a small town called Triberg where
you can visit coo coo clock factories. There are clusters of retail
outlets with thousands of clocks for sale. You can spend a day there
just looking at coo coo clocks. In Idar-Oberstein there is a city
gem museum, and another interesting gem museum near the tourist area
at the church built into the mountain. I believe that Idar-Oberstein
does live up to its reputation as the gem capital of Germany. If you
go further to the northeast of Dusseldorf there is another fine
jewelry school in Munster. I have been to these places several times.
If you need addresses and telephone numbers just let me know…
Robert Wooding…

Hello Robert,

I’m amazed about what you’ve seen here in Germany!I couldn’t
explained it better!!Have you been in the jewelry museum in Munich
which is also a must to see.An other place not far from Pforzheim
centre is the reffining factory of gold and silver “Allgemeine Gold
und silberscheideanstalt AG”.If you’d time left,you should consider
making a trip to Belgium more particular “Antwerp”.Talking about
Idar-Oberstein … I like that place much more then Phorzheim.Did
you know that they give small classes about gemstones and gemstone
cutting.Awsome place to spend time and don’t forget the small agate
cutting mills driven by waterresources.They are still working and
people show you how it’s been done.If you like to do some
rockhounding,there is a place called “Herscheid”.You’ll find nice
geodes,amethyst crystals,pyrite and calcium crystals.It’s fun to talk
with the locals since they look at a big rock and know wether you’ll
find a geod (big ones !!)or not.I’m ecited already talking about it.
Regards Pedro

Dear Mr.Robert Wooding, Could you be so kind to send me adresses of
jewelry tool distributors: J. Schmalz and Karl Fischer in
Idar-Oberstein, Germany. I am a jewelrer in Hanoi and I will go to
Germany next month and would like to visit them.

Hi nguyen,

I don’t have the J. Schmalz address, and the most recent address I
have for Fischer is already several years old, but here it is:

Karl Fischer GMBH
Pforzheim, Germany

Berliner Strasse 18
D-75172 Pforzheim
Postfach 567

Tel. 07231-31031, Fax 07231-310300

Hans Durstling
Moncton, Canada

Dear Mr. Hans Durstling, Thanks for your assitance. I am expanding my
cameos encarving on shells and gems. My hand-made tools really limit.
Good lucks with your business. Thanh Ha, Hanoi

Dear Nguyen,

Here is Schmalz’ current address & info:

MuseumstraBe 4
Postfach 1561
D-75175 Pforzheim, GERMANY

Reinhard Schubert
Tel: 011 49 7231 60 9015
Fax: 011 49 7231 60 9015


        Michael Knight

F.E. Knight, Inc.
120 Constitution Blvd.
Franklin, MA 02038
United States of America
Voice: 508-520-1666
Fax: 508-520-2402

nguyen thanh ha

Karl Fischer GmbH
Berliner Strasse 18
Postfach 567
D-75105 Pforzheim

Telefon 07231  / 31 0 31

I hope this helps

Andy Parker, Agate House Lapidary
Ulverston, Cumbria, England
Tel: 01229 584023

Dear Mr. Thanh Ha,

The website of Karl Fischer is:

As far as I know J. Schmalz does not have a web adress. His postal
adress is: Kaulbachstrasse 46, 75175 Pforzheim. Phone 0049/+

If you have a look on the linklist on our website you will find more about german or
european jewellery related adresses.

Bon Voyage!

Mit freundlichen Grue�en With best regards

H.-J. von Zuendt

Allgemeine Gold- und Silberscheideanstalt AG
Tel.: 07231/960-389