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Gerald Livings - Bench Exchange

Gerald Livings
Livingston Jewelers

"I was working at my bench today, and I suddenly remembered The BenchExchange. I dropped what I was doing (carefully, since it was a wax!) and grabbed my camera. I apologies for the neatness of my bench because this is our studio and my girlfriend works on stained glass in here also. I love seeing how other people work; I get a real kick out of it!


The last time I sent in a picture to the Bench Exchange, I was working out of a small room as a hobbyist and was just starting to get accounts. Now look!

From left to right is the chestnut sewing table I remade into a bench for my student, my watchmakers bench that I use for waxwork and my regular bench. Out of the frame is my hammer rack, plating table, soldering bench (this is the bench from my first bench exchange picture in 2005), my buffers and cleaning equipment. Lapidary is on the other side of the room. Gerald A. Livings Livingston Jewelers