Genuine Stone Rondelles

Good day everyone, Once again, today finds me turning to Orchid for
an answer to a question… Thank you Hanuman for this invaluable

I am trying to locate a good source for very nice Genuine Stone

I have searched online, but have not yet found exactly what I’m
looking for. Here’s what I need Specs; 4 mm diameter…2mm height
1.5 +/- mm hole in center straight walled sides (like a barrel, not
tapered like a sauceer) Material; Moonstone, Amethyst, Garnet, Mother
of Pearl, Citrine, Opal What else is available?

I would like to know about availability, costs and volume discounts.
(I am working on a prototype, so this would not be a one-shot

Can anyone out there help?? :wink:

Thank you in advance!
Jeff Regan
Regan Jewelry
Cape Cod mass

try for your stone beads and other materials
that. Daniel Lopacki is a fabulous craftsman and a find gentleman.

Check out the Opal necklaces he makes!
the red crystal opals are totally amazing! I’m sure Daniel would be
pleased to make what you need.

Cheers… Tim