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Gent's class rings

Sharon, It can be done with wet cotton wraped around the top of the ring
with the stone covered extra heavy on the top. Put the ring in the twezers
with the stone on bottom and the shank wit the sizing piece in it on top.
I use the #6 tip for the “little torch”, oxy/acet gas and turn it up to a
very hot flame. Use easy or super easy solder, plenty of flux and get in
and get out as fast as possible!!!Leave the cotton on it and slip it on a
steel mandrel or place it on a steel block to cool down. It helps suck
the heat out of the gold with out “quenching” which will break the stone.
You will still be taking a risk even when you have done it a hundred
times. I think most manufacturing companies will do lifetime sizing on
class rings but the customer usually sends it to them. Hope this helps,
Patty in MO.