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Gentec Casting Torch

Hello everyone,

Just recently got a Gentec casting torch with the intent of using propane and oxygen. Problem is the torch handle has a type A hookup for both valves and the tuline hose I purchased has type B, as well as the flashback arrestors that I purchased to attach to the handle.

I have found an adapter with type A and B ends for oxygen but the same option for propane doesn’t seem to exist. My question being, is it safe to use another type of fuel adapter that has both type A and B ends or is it simply not possible? Alternatively does anyone know of type A hoses and flashback arrestors? I would have thought the larger hose would be better for a casting torch but maybe I am mistaken.

Thanks for the help!

Go to a welding shop and show them what you need. They should be able to help…Rob

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