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[GemWise] Siberian amethyst; quality and value

Quartz is as common as dirt. At 12% it is the most abundant mineral
in the earth’s crust and the primary component of ordinary dust.
Quartz is extremely stable and unlike other mineral components of the
earth’s upper layer does not easily break down.

Amethyst is purple quartz, but despite the relative abundance of the
mineral, exceptional fine rich purple amethyst, commonly called
/Siberian/ or /deep Siberian/ color is extremely rare. In Medieval
times, there were two distinct varieties of gemstones bore the name.
t Oriental amethyst, was actually purple sapphire and Occidental
amethyst, the quartz gem that bears the name today. Amethyst has
seesawed in value over the centuries, today the finest of the fine
might command $100 per carat at a high end jewelry store, in 1652,
Nicols declared it to be of equal value to a diamond of the same

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